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October 03, 2017  - A full breakdown of each meter component is now provided at the page titled How Does 5NITRO+ Work?
September 15, 2017  - The New 6N+ Upgrade for MT4 Builds 1090+ is being coded. Learn More
September 22, 2017  -  The New 7N+ Upgrade for MT5 is being coded. Learn More

metatrader indicator multiple meters same forex chart

5NITRO+ Forex MT4 Indicator for the New Metatrader Builds 1010 to 1090+
Dynamic MTF Forex,  Commodity,  CFD,  Futures,  Indices,  Equity Indices,  Bonds,  Bunds,  BitCoin,  LiteCoin, Traditional Options

5NITRO+ is Pure Power

No need to constantly monitor and then aggregate other chart time frames anymore.  5NITRO+ does this for you

Up to seven (7) total time frames are calculated and then aggregated. The median number of time frames used is five (5)

All parameters compiled and globally aggregated into 1 single Up or Down arrow and large number.

5N+ is intended for intermediate to advanced Traders with multiple years of experience

5N+ is intended for intermediate to advanced Metatrader Users with multiple years of experience

An education in the basics of Trading not included

An education in the basics of Metatrader usage not included

Parameters include Five (5) different Modes of Action mix: [1]Strength [2]Oscillator [3]Trend [4]Tick Volume [5]OBOS

Most parameters used [up to 146] in Metatrader history including Strength. Yet resource efficient.

5NITRO+ coded for London and New York sessions only

5NITRO+ requires the historically-normal volume and historically-normal volatility of the London and New York sessions to be reliable

Add as many meters onto the same chart as you wish and change the symbol

Change Time Frame for meter to calculate – M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M10 M12 M15 M20 M30 H1 H2 H3 H4 H6 H8 H12 D1 W1 MN

Change Time Outlook of entire meter to either Extended or Reduced

Now works with Offline Charts and Offline Chart Apps + Scripts (restrictions apply)

New Overbought / Oversold indications added called matriXx. Provides exiting relativity. Suggests possible upcoming turning points

Additional Strength period and output added for a total of two (2). Longer Lookback worth 57%. Shorter Lookback worth 43%

Strength Lookback periods are now adjustable

Includes 5NITRO+Lo™ which changes chart orientation to any of the (Lo)wer indicator windows

Move 5NITRO+ anywhere on the main chart. Move 5NITRO+Lo Forex Meter anywhere within the bottom indicator windows

Change default placement to the Left Side of the chart. This creates a Horizontally Mirrored object arrangement

Five (5) Display Modes: [1]Full Mode [2]Compact Mode [3]Super Compact Mode [4]OneClick – Small Font [5]OneClick – Large Font

5NITRO+ does not require special fonts to be obtained and installed as with other forex probability meter type tools. 5NITRO+ uses only fonts found in every version of Windows dating back to 2003

*Please Be Aware: The Default 96 DPI Display Scaling of 100% within Windows Display Settings is required for 5N+ and many other graphically intensive MT4 indicators to display properly. More Info – Windows Display Scaling

5NITRO+ coded for use on the New Metatrader 4 Builds 600 to 1090+

Legacy NITRO+ Version for Builds <=509 also included free. Metaquotes continuing support through Summer

Works flawlessly with every Broker that offers Metatrader 4. Well over 350+ MT4 Brokers Worldwide

Works flawlessly with any symbology, even EURUSDFXF

Modify almost every color

Includes ClearChart 2™ Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator Free

Includes Fifty-Five (55) Free general purpose, quick-start templates showcasing display option multitudes to build upon

On-Off + adjustable Audible Alert and or Pop Up Message Box Alert with exact price print, time, and GLOBAL% at which alert occurred

Additional Audible Alert options now print to Terminal – Allows turning off of annoying Message Box

Additional Alert options now allow running History Log to be kept in Terminal and or MessageBox

Choose frequency of printing to History Log from every 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes – in addition to which time frame to calculate

Unlike the App Marketplace where you are merely renting Indicators + EAs served from the cloud, you own 5NITRO+ (restrictions apply)

Unlimited Machines. Unlimited MT4 Platforms. Unlimited Brokers

No Subscription Costs. No Other Costs

Instant Download. Have the meters up and running within the next 5 minutes

Download 5NITRO+ forex probability meter indicator mq4 ex4 mql4 rar zip for metatrader 4

5NITRO+  Download Now

View More Screen Shots of Different Possible Configurations
View Fifty-Five (55) Screen Shots of the Fifty-Five (55) Templates Included Free

Formula Breakdown of 5NITRO+:       Research Full Formula Details

5NITRO+ Forex Indicator Formula Breakdown

matriXx™ OBOS Indications – New 5NITRO+ Feature:       Learn More About matriXx

matriXx obos indicators

Screenshot of ALL 25 MT4 Indicators Aggregated by 5NITRO+ Shown on Single Chart:   (+ symbol strength not shown)       How does it work?

New Forex Meter Calculates + Compiles All of these Forex MT4 Indicators

Individual Indicators that are Aggregated by 5NITRO+ Across a Median 5.0 Time Frames:       …full details

Accelerator Oscillator - Metatrader Indicator
AC (Accelerator Oscillator) Bill Williams Indicator
ADX - Metatrader Indicator
ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) Trend Indicator
Alligator - Metatrader Indicator
Alligator (Alligator Indicator) Bill Williams Indicator
Commodity Channel Index - Metatrader Indicator
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Trend Indicator
Bulls Power - Metatrader Indicator
Bulls (Bulls Power) Oscillator Indicator
Bears Power - Metatrader Indicator
Bears (Bears Power) Oscillator Indicator
Force Index - Metatrader Indicator
Force (Force Index) Oscillator Indicator
MACD - Metatrader Indicator
MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) Oscillator Indicator
Momentum - Metatrader Indicator
Momentum (Momentum Indicator) Oscillator Indicator
On Balance Volume - Metatrader Indicator
OBV (On Balance Volume) Volume Indicator
OsMA - Metatrader Indicator
OsMA (Moving Average of Oscillator) Oscillator Indicator
Parabolic SAR - Metatrader Indicator
pSAR (Parabolic SAR (parabolic stop and reverse)) Trend Indicator
Relative Strength Index - Metatrader Indicator
RSI (Relative Strength Index) Oscillator Indicator
Stochastics - Metatrader Indicator
Stoch (Stochastics) Oscillator Indicator
Williams Percent Range - Metatrader Indicator
WPR (Williams Percent Range) Oscillator Indicator
SMA(3) cross SMMA(150) - Metatrader Indicator
SMA, SMMA (SMA 3 cross SMMA 150) Trend Indicator
Simple Moving Average (7) - Metatrader Indicator
SMA (Simple Moving Average (7)) Trend Indicator
Exponential Moving Average (20) - Metatrader Indicator
EMA (Exponential Moving Average (20)) Trend Indicator
Exponential Moving Average (20), Exponential Moving Average (50) - Metatrader Indicators
EMA,EMA (EMA(20) Cross EMA(50)) Trend Indicator
Simple Moving Averages (3) / (100) - Metatrader Indicators
SMA,SMA (SMA(3) Cross SMA(100)) Trend Indicator
DeMarker - Metatrader Indicator
DeM (DeMarker) Oscillator Indicator
Money Flow Index - Metatrader Indicator
MFI (Money Flow Index) Volume Indicator
Relative Vigor Index - Metatrader Indicator
RVI (Relative Vigor Index) Oscillator Indicator
Awesome Oscillator - Metatrader Indicator
AO (Awesome Oscillator) Bill Williams Indicator


Full Size Screen Shot of NZDJPY MTF, Multiple Meter Configuration + ClearChart 2 as Main Moving Average – Click 2 Expand

Click Box Upper-Right Corner to Expand Full Size

Full Size Screen Shot of All 28 Major Pairs, Multiple Meter Configuration – Click 2 Expand

expand picture fullsize all 28 major forex pairs

VIDEO – 14 hours of Live Trading and 71 Completed Trades Condensed Into 9.2 minutes. Full Display + Multi-Meter Compact Display

*Price Action Not Typical*

This is Not a Video of 5NITRO+

Video created in April 2011 of original NITRO+ Meter released on January 01, 2011.

Video of 5NITRO+ or 6NITRO+ or 7NITRO+ will be created when there is time.

Video intended only to provide a general example of how these meters function and react with live ticks.

Video intended only to provide a single example of how these meters can be used Intraday.

Video illustrates Multi Entry + Multi TP Management.

Video illustrates TP Management in relation to support and resistance levels.

Video created primarily because of emails demanding us to create a video.

iDrag EA in video simply allows dragging of TPs directly on chart. iDrag is NOT included.

iDrag EA was used in this video because I do not know how to successfully manage multiple open units without doing so directly on the chart.

iDrag is no longer needed. You now have access to this ability in your MT4 platform as of Spring 2013.

Video is reduced from 14 hours down to 10 minutes and was sped up by 200%.

70+ trades entered on GBPUSD 30M.

68 Take Profits were hit and cleared in the money.

2 lots closed out manually at the end for profit.

1 lot closed for loss.

Take Profits cleared, indicated by-_-red dashes_–, ranged from 2 pips to 67 pips.

Additional, correlated pairs EURUSD, GBPCHF + SILVER, GBPJPY used in Super Compact Mode at bottom left for added market insight.

Take Profit Levels _____blue lines_____ are actively managed and adjusted many times through the life of the position.

Associated trade number not shown along with _____Take Profit Lines_____ because this is the old MT4 from 2011.

AUGUST 24, 2017 ►  Customer recently pointed out how quickly the correlated GBPCHF compact meter turned south around 8:33 and ultimately flipped negative. This of course confirmed the prior decisions of taking profit had been correct on an intermediate intraday basis. But the larger role GBPCHF played was in the decision not to begin/continue reestablishing the long position at those ~50% support levels at that particular moment. This ‘correlated acts as leading indicator’ scenario should help to remind us just how important currency strength meters, currency cluster indicators, and 5NITRO+ 28 pair correlated heat maps can be. Being able to instantly gather a perspective of the entire forex market with just a quick three second glance would seem advantageous to all.   Even better?  Their own dedicated display.

Trade Forex, Futures, Commodities Video Using the Older NITRO+ to Assist

Watch in Vimeo Pop-Up
To view HD High Definition – Click the “HD” icon

*Results Not Typical, Price Action Not Typical. This video is of the previous version, older NITRO+ and created in 2011. NITRO+ and 5NITRO+ are not Forex Robots. They are not like FAP Turbo in any way. They are not EAs. NITRO+ is a Manual Trading Confirmation Indicator Tool for Metatrader. The trades in the video are being entered manually and are being exited through Take Profit (TP) levels that were entered at the time of entry. The blue Take Profit lines/levels are actively managed directly on the chart with our own iDrag. iDrag is not included with your download. The ability to drag positions directly on the chart is now included with all Metatrader Platforms beginning Spring 2013, simply enable this in your MT4 Platform > Tools > Options > Charts. Large arrows on the chart clarifying the direction of the trend and when a market buy order is completed are for illustrative purposes only.

What Happened Next to GBPUSD After the Video? (click to view pop-up)
Is Trading Here Actually an Epic Fail? (more discussion at bottom of Trading Page 2)

Direct MP4 Stream:
Direct Download 98.3MB MP4 File    MEGATRENDFX.NITRO.PLUS.mp4

This Website is Your 5NITRO+ Web Based, HTML User Manual. Please Read:

This Website is Your User Manual. All Instructions and Videos for use are contained on this site (HTML Based). An additional PDF document and additional ShockWave Flash Video Files are not included in the Zip File. The HTML Instructions here are continually updated, added-to, or re-focused as feedback is received from users.

Exact trading instructions not included here on this site or with your purchase. Use the information this tool provides as you see fit based on your own methodologies developed organically from your years of hard work and experience.

Legacy PDF-Based User Manuals also do not allow us to include Supplemental Instructional Videos like we have now been able to include throughout your User Manual here on this site. Automatic Translation is now also possible utilizing the Google Translate Button at the top left corner of every page. Be sure to allow Cookies + Javascript to ensure your Language settings are saved. Supplemental Tool Tips, Captions, and Video Notes will also be translated.

If after thoroughly researching this site prior to downloading you are unable to understand what these tools actually are or how you might be able to personally utilize them to supplement or improve your already-existing trading strategies, methods, and setups; it might be more ideal to Delay Downloading until the above = true.

Or, you may contact us using The Contact Form, and one of us will try our best to help you ‘Visualize’ how you might be able to use something for whatever your trading plan and style may consist of. metatrader 4 new indicator in action

                        Included in and with Your Instant Download 5NITRO+.ZIP

1 5N+.ex4 – Build 1010 to 1090+
  Forex Indicator File
*main indicator for use on main chart window

2 5N+Lo.ex4 – Build 1010 to 1090+
  Forex Indicator File
*for use in ANY of the bottom indicator windows

3 Free ClearChart 2.ex4 – Build 1010 to 1090+
  Forex Indicator File
*improved heiken ashi smoothed with additional user adjustments

4 Free Fifty-Five (55) Preconfigured Template .tpl Files
 *Highlighting Massive Configuration Options To Suit All Users
 View All Free Templates

 Continually Re-Focused HTML Based User Manual:

                   View All Payment and Financing Options
                   View Download and Installation Instructions
                   View Trading Ideas and Thoughts
                   View Trading Ideas and Thoughts – Page 2
                   View Trading Ideas and Thoughts – Page 3
                   View More Screen Shot Examples
                   View the Fifty-Five (55) Free Templates



5nitro+ mt4 indicator windows 10 compatibility
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View Fifty-Five (55) Screen Shots of the Fifty-Five (55) 5NITRO+ Templates Included Free


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