NITRO+ Instructions – Templates

    To load one of the (10) free supplied templates onto your chart:

    • 1. Right-Click on any chart

    • 2. Select ‘Template’ from the drop-down list

    • 3. Choose one of the NITRO+ templates from the list

           (see pic below for illustration of this):

    How to load a template into metatrader 4

    Below are screenshots of each of the ten (10) supplied templates included in your zip file ‘’

    The names of the pictures and toggle titles are the same as the templates themselves. These pictures are also included in your zip file within the folder labeled ‘Pics – Templates’. This allows you to view the templates first before you install them if you plan to only use a few of them.

    Please be patient when flippin’ through these Templates for the very first time or upon relaunch of MT4 after extended periods of non use

    NITRO+ is performing a large amount of work per each new incoming tick during normal use.

    NITRO+ is forced to perform a TREMENDOUS amount of work when initially loading as it is doing so on more than just the most recent, new, individual, and singular tick.

    NITRO+ is TORTURED into performing an EXTREME amount of work if it is also needing to download needed data at the same time due to your History Center not being pre-populated.

    Read full information concerning the need for patience upon initial install + more information about the logistics of the entire process on the Additional Tips to Ensure Success page

    nitro+ compact 28pairs.tpl nitro+ full.tpl

    NITRO+ FX Multimeter Template - nitro+ full.tpl

    nitro+ full combo multi usd.tpl nitro+ full compact.tpl

    NITRO+ FX Multimeter Template - nitro+ full compact.tpl

    nitro+ solo.tpl

    NITRO+ FX Multimeter Template - nitro+ solo.tpl

    nitro+ super-compact 28pairs.tpl nitro+lo compact multi usd.tpl nitro+lo compact multi usd jpy.tpl nitro+lo double lime.tpl

    NITRO+ FX Multimeter Template - nitro+lo double lime.tpl

    nitro+lo super-compact multi usd jpy.tpl top Compact View | Multiple Meter | Multiple Symbol Option - In Action

    New Templates + New ClearChart will be included with NITRO+4. Though, each User can actually create Templates themselves if they cannot wait until N+4. When the markets are closed or in your off sessions are always a good time for this. Here are the steps:

    • 1. Insert or Drag & Drop the meter onto a chart

    • 2. The Settings Box will automatically pop up

    • 3. If necessary, change the settings to your preference

    • 4. Right click and select ‘Templates >> Save Template’

    • 5. Choose a name, like ’001′

    • 6. Click ‘Save’

    • To create a 28 meter Template, insert the steps below directly after #2 above:

    • 2A. Increase the ‘Magic Letter’ each time. So… A, B, C, …//… X, Y, Z, AA, BB

    • 2B. Enter Symbol

    • 2C. Increase Y Pixels by 45 for each new meter. #1 and #15 will be 0 having no change

    • 2D. Select -true- for ‘Move Meter to Left Side of Chart’ for the first 14 meters

    • 2E. Select -true- for ‘Display Compact Mode’

    • 2F. Select -false- if you do not want to ‘Display Price’

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