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Download Section  [view]

  • STEP 1  [view]  Proceed to download page after checkout
  • STEP 2  [view]  Download your 5N+ package
  • Installation Section  [view]

  • STEP 3  [view]  Extract 5N+ package
  • STEP 4  [view]  Locate metatrader data folder
  • STEP 5  [view]  Install 3 indicators
  • STEP 6  [view]  Install 55 templates
  • STEP 7  [view]  Shut down then relaunch metatrader
  • STEP 8  [view]  Load template or load indicator onto chart
  • Download Instructions

    STEP 1    Proceed to Download Page Immediately After Checkout

    Click Complete Purchase Button provided by the payment processor to continue to your indicator download page upon payment completion. Button varies by payment processor.

    Continue to MT4 Indicator Download Page

    Download Links Also Instantly Sent to Email

    Some customers do not see the Orange Complete Purchase Button. This is understandable because the process happens so quickly. Also, we are just not familiar with having to click this button. I have only encountered it maybe a few times in my life as it only usually appears when we download software like this.

    These 5NITRO+ backup download links are instantly sent to your email address along with additional information including instructions and your transaction receipt. Where Are Backup Download Links Sent? (view details)

    STEP 2    Click here to Download Your Software

    Click Here to Download Your MEGA+WYFX Metatrader 4 Indicators and Templates

    Upon checkout completion, you are able to access your indicator zip files either on the download page or through the link sent to your email address provided or listed with PayPal or Google.

    Please check your Junk email inbox as sometimes these links along with your receipt and transaction information are filtered there because they are sent directly from our file distributor e-Junkie.

    Your download link will expire after nine (9) attempts.

    If you need additional time or attempts, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to review the request. The request will be approved or denied within 24 hours pending confirmation of non abuse.

    Save the zip file package to your Desktop. After clicking on the Click Here Download Button, a Widows Download dialogue box will appear prompting you to either Open or Save the file. Do not select Open. Instead select ‘Save’ and choose your Desktop for a convenient initial staging location.

    Download Progress Stuck at 0.00%?

    22 out of 2000+ Customers have reported that clicking Save instead of Open causes the e-junkie server to lock up. Apparently, randomly for no explained reason. The download status bar becomes endlessly stuck at 0.00% completed. Test purchases have been completed to diagnose the problem. It has been concluded that the issue is completely random and only seems to happen with Internet Explorer about 2% of the time.

    If this problem persists, select Open instead of Save. Once the file is downloaded, your extraction utility will pop-up upon completion. From here in your Windows Explorer dialogue box, copy & paste or drag & drop the main folder onto your desktop or to a secure location immune from computer crashes, such as a $6 8GB flash drive. You can then move your extracted Indicator and Template files to their proper Metatrader locations from that folder.

    Also, try hitting Cancel. Then, repeat the same Save or Open option again. Be aware that your attempt tally increases each time. Traffic on that particular e-Junkie server could have just been overloaded for a moment

    If this extremely rare problem persists and you use up every single one of your 9 download attempts, relax. Contact us and we will find a way to resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time and take care of any inconvenience you have experienced.


    Installation Instructions

    STEP 3    Open 5NITRO+ Zip File

    Windows will Extract your new zip fileExtract your new zip file

    All Windows versions dating back to XP have Zip File extraction utilities built-in. There should be a button on your top toolbar labeled ‘Extract’ when viewing any Zip File within your Windows File Explorer. If someone has deleted this utility from your Windows machine, there is a link on the next page to download a free utility named BitZipper. It is monitored and verified clean by us on a weekly basis.

    Once you have extracted the 5N+ Zip File that you have just downloaded from your unique download page with either the built-in Windows extraction utility or the free BitZipper linked on the next page, view the README text files that contain additional instructions if needed and additional information.

    After README Text Files have been read, leave the 5N+ Zip File open to one side of the monitor or on a separate monitor.


    STEP 4    Locate New Data Folder with MT4 Running

    Metaquotes has changed the folder structures and locations.

    MQL4 Builds 600 Migration Status - New Data Folder LocationNew Metatrader 4 Data Folder Structure

    Your Custom Indicator and Template installation location can now easily be located and opened by clicking “Data Folder” from within your opened MT4 Platform. Click on “File” to the left of your very top toolbar and select.

    Data Folder is New Location for All Indicator and Template InstallationsLocate New MT4 Data Folder


    STEP 5    Install All 3 Indicators – With Data Folder Open…. STEPS A-B-C

    Either Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste or choose to Extract your (3) .ex4 Indicator files into this Indicators folder within the Data Folder you have just located and should be open.

    As a feature in the supplied Windows Extraction Utility, Dragging & Dropping will automatically extract all files as they are moved into their final destination.

    To Install Indicators – Follow STEPS A-B-C below with your Data Folder open:
    A. Click on “MQL4″ once your Data Folder has opened

    Open Data Folder, then open MQL4 FolderA. With Data Folder opened, Click MQL4 Folder

    B. Now, click the “Indicators” folder once your MQL4 folder has opened

    Open MQL4 Folder, then open Indicators FolderB. Click Indicators Folder

    C. Now, install all 3 .ex4 Indicator files once your Indicators folder has opened

    After opening the Indicators Folder,  Install All Three (3) Indicator FilesC. Install .ex4 Indicator Files Here


    STEP 6    Install All 55 Templates or a Few … STEPS A-B

    Like with all previous versions of N+, screenshots of each and every Template have been provided in your Zip File within the folder called ‘Templates – Pics’. The pictures are named the same as the Templates themselves. So after first viewing all of these pictures, you can choose to only install the Templates needed.

    If all Templates are desired to be installed, ‘Select All’ Templates in your Zip File and then Drag and Drop them into their final destination. As a feature in the supplied Windows Extraction Utility, Dragging and Dropping will automatically extract all files as they are moved.

    To Install Templates – Follow STEPS A-B below with your Data Folder open:
    A. Click the “Templates” folder once your Data Folder has opened

    Once Data Folder is Opened, Click the templates FolderA. Click templates Folder

    B. Now, install all 55 Templates or your choice

    Do not know which ones you would like to install? You can view pictures of each template first. These template pictures are located inside a folder in your zip file named ‘Templates – Pictures’. These template pictures are also located here on this site on the Templates Page.

    This is your installation location for all templates.  Pictures of all templates provided in your zip file.B. Install .tpl Template Files Here

    STEP 7    Close Data Folder. Close Metatrader.

    To insure proper initialization, shut down your platform.


    STEP 8    Relaunch MT4 and Insert or Drag & Drop Indicators Onto Charts

    …. or Load a Free Supplied Template      ( click here for full template instructions )

    After Right Clicking and selecting Template, choose which 5N+ template from listRight-click then select 5N+ Template from list

    Loading one of the free, supplied templates is recommended as the means to initially configure 5NITRO+ onto your charts for the very first time. As is noted and shown above in STEP 6 and on the 5N+ Templates Page … we have named the screenshots of the templates the same name as the templates themselves. This allows you to view how each template is configured and should correctly display. This will allow you to only install and/or load only the specific template(s) that suit your intended setup and usage.

    Do not mistake the inclusion of these Templates as, “This is what your trading setup should be and look like.” They are only provided as a convenience to save users time. They are intended to be further configured.

    Goals in creating and providing these Templates:

  • Appeal to as many users as possible – every Trader has different preferences
  • Save the widest range of users as much setup time as possible
  • Showcase configuration possibilities
  • Showcase different settings possibilities
  • … allowing configurations + settings to be quickly reverse engineered
  • Free Templates Not Required

    Free Templates are not required for 5NITRO+ or 5NITRO+Lo to function or function properly.

    Free Templates are not required for 5NITRO+ or 5NITRO+Lo to function within multiple-meter configurations. Instead, multiple-meter configurations can actually be created and personalized by each individual user as is the industry standard.

    Step by step instructions for creating both Multiple Time Frame and Multiple Pair configurations and then saving it as a Template is provided towards the bottom of The Template Instructions Page

    Contact MEGA+WYFXNeed Help?
    More Template Tips     (templates page) 
    More Installation + Usage Tips     (next installation page) 

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