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Additional Tips To Ensure Success

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General Tips

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  • Download Free Extraction Utility if needed

    bitzipper clickable logoYour Software is contained inside a Zip File

    If you do not have an application to unzip files, goto BitZipper for a free application to do so. Internet Explorer users will need to Allow BitZipper to be downloaded as shown in the screen shot below. While BitZipper may not be the best un-zip utility available, the ability for our customers to quickly download and install it free of charge serves our purpose. You do not need to provide them with your email address. You do not need to allow their toolbar to be installed.

    Although we periodically assure this BitZipper Utility is clean bimonthly, please be sure to scan it with your own Anti Virus software. Most Anti Virus, including your built in Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender will do this automatically. Please be sure to keep your Anti Virus application up to date with the latest definitions.

    Over 85% of Customers should have no need for an external archive utility such as BitZipper. Most of us already have an Extraction utility built into Windows. But some Apple/Parallel Users may not. Some Windows Users may have inadvertently deleted this App from their machine at some point.

    After The 5NITRO+ compressed package is downloaded by means of choosing Open, your Windows Explorer will automatically launch to reveal compression ratios + extraction options. Assuming Save was chosen to initiate download, Windows Explorer with extraction options will also pop whenever you click your 5NITRO+ package from your saved location, such as your recommended Desktop. Or the even more preferred USB Flash Drive or Memory Card location. Your files will also remain safe in the Cloud accessible anytime on your bookmarked, unique, personal download page. Your links never expire after time. There is a limit of nine(9) download attempts. New download links with attempts reset to zero(0) will happily be issued pending confirmation of non-abuse. Abuse includes distributing our products en masse.


    Use Google Translate

    If English is not your preferred language, use Google Translate that is integrated into this site or integrated into your Browser. If you do not see the ‘Google Translate Button’ at the top-left of each page including this one, enable javascript for this site. Allowing cookies from this site will keep your favorite language saved. All pages will then automatically be translated to your preferred language during the same session and all subsequent sessions as long as the cookie remains.

    Use Google Translate megatrendfx


    Metatrader 4 and 5NITRO+ Machine Requirements

    Windows Display Scaling Requirement

    The Default 96 DPI font scale settings of 100% within your Windows Display Settings are required for 5NITRO+ and most other graphic intensive Metatrader Tools to display properly. Further Details below #4

    megatrendfx.com mt4 indicators, including free, compatible with all versions of windowshuge forex trading touch monitors

    all megatrendfx indicators ready for windows 10

    1. Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 – installed and running on local machine is required and are the only configurations in which our products or many other graphic intensive MT4 Custom Indicators are guaranteed to display properly. Viable VPS or VDI solutions running the Standard, non-mobile version can also expand usage of the Metatrader 4 Platform to non-Windows originating desktops such as Linux, Mac OS X, or iOS with proper configuration but is not recommended for proper display of our products (or most other graphically-based MT4 Custom Indicators) due to the lack of existence of certain Desktop Environment Display Settings and the lack of control over various settings that do exist within the (virtually shared) VPS Environment utilizing a version of Windows Server. Parallels for Mac also fits into the “possible” but not recommended category due to font + graphics substitution that takes place within the Host Apple Machine. The proper configuration always equals running the Standard, non-mobile version of MT4. Other operating systems are possible if they are simply used to run Windows in a virtual or remote desktop environment. This would include, for example: using an Android or Apple Tablet to Remotely View either your Windows Desktop or a Windows Server provided by a Virtual Private Server.

  • CPU: 1.0 GHz

  • RAM: Minimum of 1GB RAM for Vista, WIN7, WIN8. Minimum 512 MB Windows 2000, 2003, XP Service Pack(2).

  • Monitor Resolution: Minimum of 1024 X 768.

  • Internet: Modem / Connection speed 36.6 Kbps or faster.

  • Windows DPI Settings Default 96 DPI for MT4. Turn Off Display Scaling for MT4 App.

  • 2. Your Windows Firewall: Many Brokers suggest opening port 443 of your Windows Firewall to properly run the MetaTrader 4 platform. Do this within the “Exceptions” tab of Windows Firewall by first adding Metatrader 4 as an Exception. Secondly, enter “443″ after clicking ‘Add Port” while Metatrader 4 is highlighted.

    3. You Will Need DEMO or LIVE Metatrader 4 Account: No, our Software or any other MT4 Custom Indicators from any other developers do not work on proprietary platforms such as OANDA’s FX Trade, or FXCM’s Trading Station. You may replicate and use our products on as many of your non-commercial MT4 Brokers’ platforms as you wish.

    4. Display Requirements: The Default 96 DPI settings of 100% within your Windows Display Settings are required for 5NITRO+ and most other graphically based MT4 indicators to display properly. 

    Why? Because the MT4 Platform deals in the legacy “Pixels” not “Points”. Our XY location coding of each individual graphic is interpreted as and thus needs to be given by us in “Pixels” not “Points”. Forex Trading WarningVarious Graphical Boxes and Symbols and Arrows within 5NITRO+ are actually individual Wingding or Webding fonts. So while decreasing Windows DPI will in turn increase the size of these font-based graphics, the X/Y locations of these font-based graphics are not also scaled accordingly. There is no code or formula within MQL4 that allows us to poll machine DPI and then adjust X/Y accordingly.

    Return Display Scaling to its 100% Default:default windows 100 percent DPIdefault windows DPIOr Instead,  Modify MT4 Terminal as Administrator:disable mt4 display scaling

    Be aware that some products ship with Display Scaling already adjusted to 125% or 150% or even 200% at the factory. Products such as the Surface Pro and other Win Tablets or smaller screened Laptops, for example. These devices feature higher resolutions of 1080+ on relatively small screens. This ratio of resolution to actual screen size creates a very high PPI.

    However now with Windows 10, your external monitor can now maintain a separate correct 100% Display Scaling. Each individual display can now be adjusted separately.


    Enable ClearType  -  Windows Display Options

    ClearType OFF Wrong                                                                   [older 2NITRO+ pictured]ClearType OFF is Bad for MetaTrader 4

    ClearType ON Correct                                                                   [older 2NITRO+ pictured]ClearType ON is Good for MetaTrader 4


    How to Enable One Click Trading + Visual Chart Trading?

    Our old iDrag Trade Manager allowed us the ability to move Take Profits, Stop Losses, Stops, and Limits directly on the chart via an EA utility. We all now have this ability built into the Metatrader 4 platform.

    But how is this chart trading ability along with the One Click Panel functionality enabled? View the illustration below:

    Enable One Click Panel Functionality + Enable Take Profit DraggingEnable One Click Panel Step by Step Instructions MT4 Settings Options Charts Trade



    A 28 Pair provided Template or similar configurations require up to one hundred ninety-six (196) time frames worth of data of at least one hundred fifty (150) bars per each time frame needed for calculation to be fully downloaded into your History Center while at the same time it is performing 24+2 indicators worth of calculations on each of these time frames as the new incoming data floods in.

    Wait Until Network Status Bar has Stopped Increasing in Chunks

    View MT4 Status Bar Bottom Right CornerThis initialization process can take upwards of 240+ minutes when loading a 28 Pair or other Multiple Pair Template or your other Multiple Pair, Multiple Meter configuration for the first time. Also when relaunching platform after extended periods of non-use or even upon Sunday Aussie Open. Actual time dependent on many variables.

    Time can be even longer when then switching to other time frames, especially the lower. If your History Center is empty, The 5NITRO+s will need to download close to 20MB of data when loading a 28 Pair Template.

    20MB may not seem like that much data to download, but it is because of the medium you are doing it through. Many Metatrader Data Centers, especially free Demos, put bandwidth flow controls on for each user or connection.

    So, this is why patience is required when downloading large amounts of data all at once through MT4 regardless of how fast your computer or connection speed is. And, why it is critical to ‘Save Deleted Charts to Reopen’. Doing so will help you with ALL of your indicators and systems going forward, not just 5NITRO+.

    5N+ Indicator is looking at and using tick data from multiple time frames at once. This is highly unique. The majority all other Forex Indicators only use the Current TF of the chart it is loaded on. Because of these unique and superior MTF Indicator Properties, additional patience is needed when loading on a particular pair or symbol for the very first time. Supplied Templates in your 5NITRO+ .Zip File that include multiple Indicators on one chart will require even more time. Screen shots of all of the Templates included in the Zip File will show you in advance which of these are Multiple Pair, Multiple Meter instances per chart.

    As shown in the 2nd picture down, choosing to ‘Save Deleted Charts to Reopen’ will save all the tick data that is downloaded during this initial loading to your computer. This will allow the Indicators to load almost instantly in the near future due to the tick data needed now fully populating your MT4 Platform’s History Center.

    Wait For Metatrader4 Status Bar to Stop Accelerating Before Continuing


    Save Deleted Charts to Reopen

    Selecting the box Save deleted charts to reopen will help ensure all the symbol/pair tick data that is initially downloaded by our indicators will be saved onto your computer hard drive. This data will also be saved in your Metatrader4 History Center.

    The location of this check box can be found in your MT4 Platform Options. Locate the Tools button on the top Metatrader Task Bar. Then select Options > Charts and confirm the box is checked. In addition to the initial downloading of symbol data being stored on your computer for quick retrieval, this option will also continually save each new incoming tick that is received.
    Confirm Box Save deleted charts to re-open in Your Metatrader Tools - Options

    Keep In Mind: when you select to save all of your deleted charts to reopen, all of that data is amassing on your hard drive.

    On a related note, sometimes a malfunctioning indicator or EA will cause massive log file entries upon each new tick. Massive log entries will also take place whenever I use any Trade Manager type EA to modify a Stop, Limit, Take Profit, or Stop Loss order when a particular pair is closed for trading, such as USDRUB. If you tend to run multiple Demos for testing purposes or multiple Live platforms for U.S. Hedging purposes – this can add up to an excessive amount of data!

    Go into your Metatrader Program files and locate the Experts Log Files and History folders. These areas can become a large, hidden source of your missing hard drive space after a year or so of running multiple platforms.


    Zero Divide

    Zero Divide Error Showing in Terminal or Logs?

    Again, this is due to lack of all appropriate data needed for calculation not being in your History Center yet. Why isn’t the data in your History Center yet? Because you either have never loaded that particular symbol before or recently, or maybe just not for the particular time frame that is needed.

    Remember, 5N+ is automatically pulling data for other time frames than the one you have it loaded on. So simply because you only trade the 1H time frame and are definite full 1H tick data populates your History Center – N+ still needs data from about 5 other time frames before it can begin calculating and “dividing”.

    Another reason could be because you have simply not ensured that the ‘Save Deleted Charts to Reopen’ box is selected.

    This ZERO DIVIDE ERROR only occurs on first install, or first time loading of a particular symbol when the data is not yet in your History Center.

    The appropriate data is not yet finished downloading. So therefore, there is nothing or only partial to divide by. Hence, ‘ZERO DIVIDE’.

    In other words, relax. The error disappears once all needed data is downloaded to your History Center and your system finally catches up.

    Be patient. Understand what is actually happening in that 5NITRO+ needs and utilizes a whole lot of data. Data that you may never have accessed before and therefore may not yet be downloaded to your computer hard drive.

    Zero Divide Error Has Largely Been Resolved with New 5NITRO+ Version

    Though, certain ECN Brokers or those who provide two versions of pairs, such as Standard and Mini, may still cause Zero Divide.

    One set of symbols may be active when connected to a certain Broker server, leaving the other set greyed-out and unable to trade. Accordingly, the greyed-out set of symbols are not pulling in new price data because that particular server only serves data for the other set of symbols with different symbology, such as EURUSD.ecn or EURUSDm. Any actual price data shown next to these greyed-out symbols in Market Watch are merely remnants of the last time the alternative server had been connected to. This odd data is ultimately then what 5N+ is trying to make sense of … leading to the inevitable Zero Divide.

    This is has been seen when loading our pre configured 28 pair Templates provided free to users. We created and saved the Templates with standard symbology such as EURUSD. Some ECN Brokers, for example, will grey-out the standard symbology set of non-ECN pairs when connected to the ECN server. However, these pairs are still accessible by the indicators because they continue to exist in Market Watch and in History Center.

    But, the data’s freshness and time stamp is unknown causing problems in the calculation and leading to Zero Divides when these 28 pair Templates are loaded.

    Indicators have no reason to believe any symbols are greyed-out indicating they are unable to be traded. There are no coding protocols allowing Indicators to poll for this information. It isn’t until they attempt to gather this odd price and time data from the History Center do they come to realize something is not right.

    In other words, 5N+ might initially flash on the chart and appear that the formula is initializing as it is calculating some unknown data. But soon afterwards, it realizes the data is not fresh or the time does not match and there are no new fresh ticks coming in through the chart data download process. Causing it to go haywire internally.

    Therefore, Non-Standard Symbology Might Be Cause of Zero Divide … Indirectly


    Multi-Pair Templates are Configured Using Standard Symbology

    Free provided Templates are created using the standard ‘EURUSD’ … not  ‘EURUSDFXF’  or  ‘EURUSD.ecn’

    This may be the cause of ‘Zero Divide Error’ as noted in the above section

    If your Broker uses non-standard symbology such as ANYTHING except ‘EURUSD’ …. then a multi-pair Template will not work as provided.

    You will need to modify the pair entered by us during Multi-Pair Template creation with your own unique symbology and then re-save the Template.

    +97% of all FX Brokers use standard symbology such as ‘EURUSD’. All of the Multi-Pair Templates were created manually by us through entering each and every pair for each and every Multi-Pair Template with standard pair names such as EURUSD USDJPY USDCHF USDJPY GBPCHF AUDJPY and so on.

    Templates such as those with ‘MTF’ in their names work correctly with your Broker using proprietary non-standard symbology because they are configured with only one pair. They are configured with only the pair of the chart it is loaded on.

    So because of this when creating the Template, we did not need to enter a pair name next to ‘Enter Symbol’ in the settings box because the meters simply gather the pair name from the ‘current chart’. Hence when the entry next to ‘Enter Symbol’ is left blank, this is equivalent to ‘current pair from current chart’.

    Follow these steps to modify a Multi-Pair Template with your own unique symbology:

  • Right-click and select ‘Indicator List’
  • Click the first ’5NITRO+’ instance in the list
  • Add your own unique prefix or suffix to the pair name that exists next to ‘Enter Symbol’
  • Click OK
  • Repeat for all instances
  • Save Template
  • top

    250 000 Bars … Really?

    Reduce Max Number of Bars in History + Charts During Initialization

    Unless you are performing historical back testing or research on the weekend or during an off session, more reasonable numbers range in the area of 3,000 to 10,000 bars in your History Center and chart. Unless of course – you are using a 240,000 period moving average:)

    Reduce Amount of History in Your Metatrader 4 Platform Chart Options

    In the same Options Box from above where you are making sure that the “Save deleted charts to reopen” box is checked, reduce the Max bars in history to about 2000. Reduce the Max bars in chart to about 1000. This will help your initial install and experimenting with the 28 pair templates be effortless. You can increase the numbers later to whatever you wish if you need to do back testing or research.

    A reasonable and ideal amount of Bars for normal everyday usage after you have completed the initialization process is somewhere around 3000-8000 Bars in History, and around 2900-7900 Bars in Chart.

    Much depends on your preferred chart zoom, monitor resolution, and whether you have chosen to span multiple high resolution displays.

    Finding Support & Resistance levels, larger patterns such as Head&Shoulders, and other large Mirrored-type image patterns is very very important. But if you are finding that you never run out of chart to the left while periodically doing this analysis or identification scrolling, then reduce the Bars. And vise versa. Find the correct balance while keeping in mind that both Platform Performance + Intermittent Analysis are both equally important in our everyday Trading.


    Massive Moving Averages Cause Massive Platform Lag

    Another culprit to be aware of as it relates to ongoing platform lag caused by these massive 10000 to 250000 bars in charts is Moving Averages.

    Most types of Moving Averages, and Indicators with similar function such as our ClearChart HAS, are not just calculating the immediate bar per each new tick. They are not just ‘adding on’ results to their already calculated results. Depending on the type of MA, the entire chart of >10000+ Bars is constantly subject to calculation. This is why sometimes we will often see some types of MAs change ever so slightly in the past.

    A simple Indicator like ClearChart HAS or 50LWMA can cause constant, endless, and dramatic lag in your MT4 Platform when large amounts of Bars are selected to be displayed and thus calculated.

    Remember that you will need to restart your Metatrader Platform for any new settings or options to take effect.

    Number of Bars Directly Affects Machine RAM Usage

    There is a direct correlation.

    The more Bars you enter for ‘History’ … the more Memory is required and used by Metatrader.

    So far with only a single test, it seems like MT4 prevents itself from using more than 3.6GB to 3.7GB of RAM.

    Dependent on Total RAM Available?     30% Max?

    Or, maybe it is rather a ‘Percentage of Total RAM’ that Metatrader is using as a guideline. The machine used in testing has a total of 12GB RAM installed. Errors trigger at about 3.7GB of Private Working Memory being used. So, this 3.7GB amount equates to nearly exactly 30%.

    Approaching these levels will first cause issues, lag, network disconnects, and a few error messages in Terminal / Journal as shown in the picture below.

    Exceeding these RAM usage levels 0f 3.7GB or 30% will then cause the platform to endlessly trigger error messages in Terminal until finally the platform freezes as the user desperately tries to get the errors to stop printing every millisecond.

    Then, it will sometimes become nearly impossible to restart MT4 without going into the folders and deleting items such as whichever .EX4 Indicators or EAs on the charts making calls for said data.

    Metatrader Bars History Charts Directly Affects Memory Allocation

    Conclusion:   Reduce max Bars in History and Charts when operating data-hogging and complex Indicators such as Currency Strength Meters and 5NITRO+ 28 Pair configurations. Note that MT4 will need to be restarted for any changes to take affect.

    Periodicity Directly Affects Machine RAM Usage

    There is a direct correlation.

    The lesser the Time Frame … the more Memory is required and used by Metatrader because more Bars are available.

    The RAM values below show the correlation with Periodicities when ‘Max Bars History’ was set to 50,000 and multiple 5N+ 28 Pair Multiple Meter Templates were running .

    Eight separate EURUSD charts were opened and each loaded with unique 5NITRO+ 28 Meter Templates. Four of the Templates used the extended Time Outlook and four Templates used the reduced Time Outlook. Two additional USDJPY and CADJPY charts were opened and single 5N+ meters added to each. This combination of ten (10) charts total required 3.64GB of RAM when they all were set to M1. Again, this 3.64GB total RAM was just below the limit.

    M1  = 3.64 GB
    M5  = 3.40 GB
    M15 = 2.97 GB
    M30 = 1.93 GB
    H1  = 1.89 GB
    H4  = 1.22 GB
    D1  = 0.80 GB
    W1  = 0.57 GB
    MN  = 0.46 GB

    Conclusion:   The M1 time frame requires about double the RAM of H1. This difference diminishes as the value entered for ‘Max Bars History’ becomes closer to the actual number of H1 bars available.

    For Example:   If the max H1 bars available from our brokers is 5 000, then entering ’5000′ for ‘Max Bars History’ should roughly equalize RAM usage when loaded on time frames less than or equal to H1. Keep in mind there would still remain small discrepancies between each time frame as total number of time frames used in the 5N+ formula can vary in this <=H1 group between 4 and 5.


    Patience  -  Final Notes

    Again, please be patient when flippin’ through these templates for the very first time as large amounts of data are being downloaded to your HDD or SSD and calculated simultaneously.

    196 Time Frames Worth of Data

    5NITRO+ is a workhorse and requires a very large amount of data. Up to seven (7) total time frames worth of data for each unique symbol. This means a 28 Pair Template loaded on the M20 TF, for example, requires (196) time frames worth of data of at least (150) bars per to be fully downloaded into your History Center while at the same time it is performing 24+2 indicators worth of calculations for each of these time frames on the incoming data flow.

    This is a tad more than loading the ol’ MACD onto the EURUSD Daily … which of course only requires (1) time frame worth of data.

    5N+    More Data Needed [...]

    As noted on the Home Page within the new upgrade changelog:
    ’5N+ More Data Needed [...]‘ is present when there are less than (150) bars in your History Center from any of the time frames needed for calculation. This notification also displays in place of the meter if a particular symbol that was entered and saved to create a provided multiple-meter Template is not available from the Broker you are using such as NZDCHF for example.

    Also then, if your Broker uses non-standard symbology such as EURUSDFXF. In which case this suffix will need to be added to each meter and the Template re-saved. Remember, 5N+ needs up to six (6) adjacent time frames worth of history in addition to the current time frame you have loaded it on.

    ’5N+ More Data Needed [...]‘ will display while data is being downloaded and will be replaced with the actual meter when all 150 bars worth of data from each needed time frame is finished downloading. ’5N+ More Data Needed [...]‘ will persist sometimes on Monthly charts with some Brokers or Futures that do not provide enough history. In this case, 5N+ cannot be used on this time frame.

    This new notification system is a Safety Feature ensuring Data Integrity. Previous versions of NITRO+ would still be allowed to function even without enough bars in chart. In these events, the entire output of the meter was compromised. Keep in mind however, 150 bars is extremely small and the lack of only usually occurs for the Monthly time frame or newly added near month futures. This is why, as stated on the 5N+ Formula Page, we chose to only use Monthly data if loaded on a Monthly chart.

    Number of Bars made available in your History Center dependent on your Broker. Third parties can be a source of extra bars by clicking “Download” in your History Center. Contact your Broker to ensure the integrity of this 3rd party data source and the limiting of bad ticks that have not been corrected.


    Changing the Time Outlook to -reduced- will sometimes allow a meter to be used on certain higher time frames such as H4, where otherwise it could not be used. This is usually evident of your Broker not providing at least 150 bars for the Weekly time frame. Flippin’ the switch to -reduced- will eliminate the need for Weekly time frame data altogether when loaded on H4, as an example.


    Whenever a 28 pair multi-meter Template is loaded for example, your History Center is immediately instructed to download 28 pairs worth of data from up to seven (7) total time frames. This amounts to up to 196 time frames worth of data in total.

    While the ‘More Data Needed’ notification disappearing and the meter displaying does mean that at least (150) bars from each needed time frame has been downloaded into your History Center, this does not necessarily mean the meter has fully initialized and is ready to be relied on for decision making. In general, the 5N+ meters need to first wait until ALL data is populated into your History Center before it can then begin to start calculating.

    So if your platform settings are left as the default 250000 bars, 5N+ will need to wait until the max number of bars available have been downloaded across 196 time frames before that 28 pair configuration can begin its job.

    In other words, the meter is not fully initialized until all bars, above and beyond the 150 needed, have been downloaded. So if your Metatrader platform settings are left configured with the default 250000 bars, all 250000 bars or the max available bars from your Broker’s server need to be downloaded first.

    This history populating process is given the priority over indicators performing calculations because it would be unknown to the platform specifically how many bars will actually be needed by the indicator and from which time frames. It seems though, as we all probably have noticed over the years while flippin’ through time frames, that indicators do go ahead and perform calculations on data that exists prior to initiating the process of obtaining new. So, data that already exists in the History Center and on our HDDs SSDs from ‘Save deleted charts to reopen’, but that has yet to be calculated prior.

    This is just one more example of why it is recommended over and over on this page, in your README text file within your product package, in the email instructions that accompany your backup download link, and yet in one more location on your unique download page – that reducing the amount of bars in your platform settings to about 2000 and 1900 respectively will greatly improve your initialization experience. Then, ensuring that -Save Deleted Charts to Reopen- option is selected will further improve your experience going forward. The amount of bars can be increased back up to normal after this initialization period has completed.

    Tip:  Reduce Bars to 300

    2000 bars and 1900 bars are recommended primarily because this amount is just enough to where the width regardless of zoom should cover most users chart size and setup. Because it does not necessarily require the user to adjust the amounts back up and then reboot before initial analysis of the tool can begin.

    But, the ideal preference would really be the absolute minimum. Let’s say 300 bars. This would probably reduce our customer support email load by another 50%.

    Everyone’s network speed is different. Everyone’s ping will vary greatly. Everyone connects to different servers. Every Broker has different bandwidth flow controls, and this can vary for DEMO LIVE. Everyone has different machine resources. Everyone has different experiences with complex indicators and thus different expectations.

    So, it is very hard for us to narrow down the actual culprit when inexperienced customers inevitably experience issues trying to get 28 Pair Templates to fully initialize. We state that it may require 60 minutes for a 28 pair Template to initialize on a virgin History Center. But really, this actual time could vary greatly because of the different factors noted above.

    We do not have access to all needed information. Only the customer knows whether they are above average for all possible factors, or if they are painfully below average using a 0.25 Mbit network connection at 500ms ping using Windows XP on a 2004 Dell Laptop, as an example.

    More Tips:

    So if you think you might be on the low end or even the middle, here are some more tips:

  • Manually pre-populate your History Center with data before ever installing 5N+
  • Do this either by double clicking each time frame in History Center for all 28 pairs
  • … or drag and drop each of the 28 Major Pairs onto a chart and flip thru each periodicity
  • Reduce bars in Metatrader options to 300
  • Load a 28 Pair Template via EURUSD. Frequent ticks propel the download process
  • If market is closed or slow, try ‘Refreshing’ the chart often
  • … or cycle through all Major Pairs by dragging and dropping onto chart from Market Watch
  • Even More Tips:

    Even more tips applying to all users regardless of machine and network resources:

  • Confirm standard symbology such as EURUSD is being used, not EURUSDFXF for example*
  • If non-standard symbology is used, simply add your prefix or suffix
  • Non-standard symbology only affects Multi-Pair configurations + Templates
  • Non-standard symbology may cause ‘Zero Divide Errors’
  • Non-standard symbology may cause meters to disappear but remain in chart’s Indicator list
  • *full information relating to non-standard symbology, multiple symbologies together, ECNs, and Zero Divide Errors located above in its section.

    Final Note:  Free Templates Provided as a Quick-Start Convenience

    There is ad nauseum instructions and details about the 28 Pair Templates initializing because there have been ad nauseum customer support requirements over the years because of them.

    If you are experiencing issues getting these multi-meter Templates to fully initialize, try to relax. Please? Re-read the instructions and understand that it could take a great deal of time to download up to (196) time frames worth of data multiplied by up to 250 000 bars per time frame. The instructions throughout this site, sent by email, in your product package, and on your unique download page provide information and tips that can help the entire process.

    If a single 5N+ meter loads onto a chart by itself correctly, then there is no issue with the product. This is not like an Apple iPhone purchased from Amazon. There are no faulty products. There are no pre-owned products. There is no damage that can occur during shipping. Your version of the product is 100% identical to the 2000+ other instances currently functioning properly across hundreds of Brokers worldwide, right now at this moment.

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