NITRO+ Test Results

Beta Test Results of Original NITRO+

Trade stats here include guidance from NITRO+ (Original), not 5NITRO+ (Latest Version)

Subsequent 6-8 months of beta testings were not required upon each subsequent 2N+ 3N+ 4N+ 5N+ upgrades being provided to loyal customers as quickly as possible.

However, it does not matter.

Core application theory remains unchanged. My opinion of including any type of trade results to promote any type of tool or utility that is not an EA/Robot remains unchanged.

Not a Robot.   Not Signal Providers.   So Then Why?

Try not to negatively judge us for including account statistics and a picture of an equity curve here in order to promote our product.

To promote a product that is overly-described everywhere on this site as ….

“[....] a dynamic confirmation meter for manual or hybrid trading that calculates data from multiple variably-weighted time frames then displays as composite [....] providing a technically-based 2nd opinion to help supplement trade decisions”
   -  Description of this 5NITRO+ Tool

                                      [ summary of description:       a manual mt4 indicator ]

What in the World?

So then, what in the world might an equity curve and account statistics have to do with a tool intended to help assist manual trading?

N+ is not an EA/Robot.
We do not sell Robots.
We are not selling intraday or weekly signals.
We are not propositioning PAMM here on this site.
We are not soliciting MT4 Trade Copier followers on this site.

Max 40% Influence

Sure, sometimes 5N+ might have a high 40% influence on any single trade decision of mine.

But other times, 5N+ may comprise only 4% of my total internal decision making algorithm.

How much actual influence is dependent on an ever expanding and contracting indefinite amount of variables including technical, fundamental, and intuitive. And of course, what the market scenario happens to be at any given moment.

The point here is:
it is absolutely impossible to try and quantify whether certain positive (or negative) trading outcomes are the result of any particular indication such as our Currency Strength Meter or NITRO+ 2NITRO+ 3NITRO+ 4NITRO+ 5NITRO+ 6NITRO+

… or instead the aggregated result of my own methods, applied experience, position management, and unique implementation of certain fundamental information combined with the technical information that N+ produces?


So, I am completely clueless why anyone would base the purchase decision of any trading apparatus that is not an EA/Robot … on an equity curve or trade stats?

But yet since 2009, the emails from researching-phase prospective customers have continued to circle around this underlying notion and express this exact desire?


Prospective customers demand for us to show them ….“Proof that 5N+ really works”

Unless we provide this obligatory page showing some sort of vague trade results and a ‘picture’ of an equity curve (any will do just fine), prospective customers will send emails demanding them. This is what most emails were in the early days before creating this page.

So then because every email needs to be answered, this entire nonsense would need to be repeated for each potential customer by prefacing each email reply with what nonsense the entire premise and their prerequisite demand is for ‘Proof!’

Then, the prospective customer will view the reply as nonsense and quickly become offended because …

“Well why else then do nearly all magic indicator scammers on The MetaTrader Marketplace and ClickBank and eBay always provide ‘Proof That It Works!’ by including a picture of a parabolic equity curve that they probably found on Google Images? And always include a picture of some sort of spreadsheet thing populated w/ at least 20 trades? An account statement thing that they probably made themselves using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Paint?”


Yes, 5NITRO+ is 100% accurate at performing the task it was programmed to do – calculating and aggregating a whole lot of trend bias information, trend intensity information, and trend entering overbought or oversold information as each new tick comes in.

Whether or not this information that 5N+ produces results in accurate trading and long term net gains is completely dependent on each individual user.

If a wide statistical sample is measured over about one year using the criteria listed below, 5N+ probably would virtually result in virtually greater than 75% of all first time (1st)* NITRO Action Illuminations producing sizable net pip gain opportunities for each time frame loaded on average, less M1 and M5. Virtually.

  • Measured across about one (1) year or about two hundred fifty-eight (258) trading days
  • Measured from European/London open through New York Equity close when primarily reduced hold times
  • Measured across any time when primarily extended hold times
  • Measured across each of the 600+ unique instruments offered globally via MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
  • Measured across all FX, CFDs, Commodities, Equity Indices, Futures, Bonds, Bunds, and Digital Currencies (digital currencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Lite coin, Dash, ETH, XRP)
  • Measured across each of the 350+ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Brokers globally offering a unique instrument
  • Measured across all standard time frames currently offered by MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Builds 1010+
  • Measured less M5 time frame
  • Measured less M1 time frame
  • *First time (1st) is outlined on Trading Page 3

    GBPJPY for instance net avg using the wide statistical sample criteria outlined above:

  • 75% of all 1st M1  NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually  -20 to -12 pips
  • 75% of all 1st M5  NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually  -20 to  -3 pips
  • 75% of all 1st M15 NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually  -20 to  20 pips
  • 75% of all 1st M30 NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually    3 to  40 pips
  • 75% of all 1st H1  NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually   15 to  70 pips
  • 75% of all 1st H4  NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually   40 to 110 pips
  • 75% of all 1st D1  NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually   50 to 210 pips
  • 75% of all 1st W1  NITRO ACTIONS probably will net virtually  100 to 420 pips
  • This assumes the default Visual NITRO Mode of GLOBAL 50% is used. This 50% level coincides with the NITRO Vertical Action bars illuminating.

    Reasonable Interpretation

    This also assumes reasonable analysis employed of this 50% trigger. Meaning, a clear breach with good faith interpretation.

    If price is range bound for an extended period of time moving within a hi/lo channel for example repeatedly causing the meter to hit 51% 52% 53% ‘Buy’ at the top of the range or ceiling, it is reasonable not to included these in the data.

    Logical Interpretation

    This ‘logical reasoning’ should also be applied to everyday usage whenever the meter breaching certain levels such as 50% is being integrated within momentum based strategies.

    It would not seem logical or reasonable to completely ignore looming major resistance on the chart simply because the meter has breached your ‘Buy’ trigger point of 50% for instance.

    Support and resistance levels falling in and around the 51% 52% 53% 54% 55% 56% 57% 58% 59% 60% levels when the default 50 is being used as your NITRO Mode trigger …. is a prime example why exact technical points should not be relied on and cannot be relied on in a vacuum long term.

    Flexible Interpretation

    As discussed in great detail on Trading Page 3, the most reliable technical points and tools such as 5NITRO+ are those that have their decision areas expanded and flexible. Flexible enough to incorporate other technicals and flexible enough to incorporate fundamentals, while still retaining their underlying purpose.

    And really this is the entire point of anything related to trading instructions or objective description of 5N+ throughout this entire site.

    That its purpose is to help inform us of ‘current inertia opportunities’.

    The purpose is not to provide us exact Buy and Sell signals.

    Exactness Fails

    If the objective of this 5NITRO+ tool was in fact to provide exact Buy and Sell signals, 5N+ would be an inevitable absolute failure. Guaranteed.

    But when we expand its decision area allowing the flexibility to incorporate such things as nearby support and resistance levels as an example, all of the sudden this tool is immediately transformed into a reliable and valuable asset long term. Exactly as it was intended.

    So then with these likely performance capabilities possible when measured across a large sample, long term success is almost solely dependent on how each user implements the information.

    As simple as it may seem to become wealthy just by following what a tool like this tells the user to do, the median Retail FX user of a tool like this or any tool – never last long enough to allow the favorable statistics and odds to play out in their favor over time.

  • They use too much effective leverage.
  • They commit too much percentage capital to any one singular pair or event.
  • Too much of both of these combined never allows the favorable odds to ever manifest in their favor.
  • Even if NITRO+ gives perfect entry calls 76.56% of the time when measured across 5170 trades as shown in the FxPro account stats on this page, these favorable odds are virtually meaningless for the average Retail Trader.

    Because as an Example Across 300 Trades Total:
    if the percentage of entry calls that are perfect within the first 100 trades is only 25%, this will most likely destroy the average Retail Trader’s account. Their high use of effective per pair leverage will never allow them to take advantage of the last 200 trades producing 100% perfect entry calls that averaged out the end result to 75% perfect, as an example.


    Spammy + Scammy Marketing Expected

    It seems like newer Forex Traders have been bombarded by so many fake “Account Statement Proof That It Makes $$Millions$$ LOOK!”, namely on eBay, ClickBank, affiliate websites disguised as Review Websites, their JUNK email inbox, and spam in discussion forums … that they come to expect it.

    Somehow us not including a parabolic equity curve picture is indicative of us trying to hide the fact that 5NITRO+ “doesn’t really work”. That it will not really make them wealthy in a few weeks just by following the Up/Down arrows and colors.

    Well, these prospective buyers are correct. 5NITRO+ does not open and close trades.

    The Trader is the one that needs to work.

    The Trader needs to think.

    Many prospective buyers just inherently assume that we are actually making these ‘inevitable wealth for any and all who install’ claims as such because we sell a ‘Forex’ related product. An oddly-high percentage of all Forex vendors do make these ridiculous wealth claims. They have been since retail inception in the early 2000s.

    So, it is understandable why we are prejudged well before reading any words within this site stating the complete opposite ad nausea.

    Forex Code Cracked By Using This 1 Weird Trick

    there does exist a secret code in forex trading that can be crackedWhat explains the conversion rates of this scammy marketing I often wonder? Why do newcomers believe that $97 or even $10,000 software can be used to ‘Win’ or ‘Beat’ the Market once and for all?

    That there are actually Forex Robots or Magic MT4 Indicators out there, available commercially to them for $97, that will act in turning their Laptop into an ATM Machine? The idea being that some Rogue Russian Programmer has cracked the Forex Code and discovered some secret or hidden pattern that no Hedge Fund or Institutional Trader is even aware of, and likely never will become aware of.

    “The Forex hides secrets that known to a small group of traders. Our unique FX indicator that based on one of the FX loopholes can now accurately predict future market movement with nearly zero false signals and looses!
    What makes this indicator unique is that it is not generating false signals – almost every trade is profitable”

       -  Description from ClickBank Seller Forex X Code

    Super Mario Bros.?

    Why would anyone envision it is possible to simply follow a Buy Sell indication based 100% on technical information day after day?

    Is it because they believe the charts on their screen are some sort of video game, like Super Mario Bros or Call of Duty or Angry Birds?

    A video game that was created with static, never changing programming code and rules for conquer. And thus, can be beaten. Actions learned and taken to beat it one day, can then be repeated the next day into infinity – because the rules and patterns remain constant and are immune from the outside world and events that take place in this outside world.

    And maybe this is a reason for the statistics of who some of the newer, Retail Forex Traders have been over the last 10 years. And thus, who are also included in the interest groups which Forex Brokers advertise to – Gamers.

    The Gamer’s belief is that the Markets are some sort of a coded program or game. The charts on the screen are simply a result of 2 computers playing each other using only the rules and movement parameters they were programmed with in like 1984. So therefore, it can be beat.

    Just like how they can beat any Video Game by playing it enough and recognizing the pre-programmed patterns. It may take years to figure out how to beat the game, but it does not matter because the game can be beat.

    Advertising Ideas

    When we do flip on our Google AdWords Campaign periodically, many PPC keywords are Gaming related. Why? Because Google provides them as “New Keyword Ideas for ‘Forex Trading’” based on their ‘Forex Trading’ keyword, topic, and interests based advertising click-through data and conversion rates over the years.

    As one can also imagine, we have also seen high relative click-through rates and high relative conversion rates from ‘Gambling’ related sites. Although because Google bans actual Gambling activity sites, our trials through 2013 have only been on ‘Gambling Machine’ sites. In 2014, we also started testing those Pop-Up ads in Android and iOS Apps. In particular, Apps like ‘Free Blackjack’ and ‘Free Roulette’ and ‘Free Craps’.

    Again, these are only really click through rate (CTR) tests to satiate my own curiosities and theory. We have always tried hard to deter Scalpers and Short Term Binary Option Traders. Or using an alternative description – “Gamblers”.

    MACD is Not The Secret Puppet Master

    An underlying belief that any details behind the FxPro account statistics on this page actually ‘do matter’ or ‘have ever mattered’ tends to be a red flag.

    This tends to be an indication that some sort of disconnect may exist. An understanding disconnect possibly derived from a flawed perception of what is primarily driving financial markets. Behind what actually causes the candlesticks on our MT4 charts to move up, move down, or drift sideways.

    Stochastics and RSI are not the secret Puppet Masters of all global economies and their peoples.

    Sure, technicals may be exerting an increasing influence in recent years as algorithms play an increasing role and as more and more actual trade executions are performed by machines.

    But these algorithms are not populated 100% only by technicals. Algorithms are also programmed with fundamentals, such as a recent American NFP result or French PPI result.

    Fundamental Events

    As we know, markets are not pre-programmed with one single code to figure out and master. Their “internal programmed graphics output code” is constantly changing before our eyes in real time.

    Their code changes every second and is based, in some part, on economics.
    Economics are based on economies.
    Economies are based on people.
    People excerpt free will.
    Free will is not dictated by computer code or MACD.

    If anyone reading this decides to fly airplanes into the NYSE EuroNext tomorrow, it will render about 50% of all Forex Robots and Magic MT4 indicators based on hidden, repeating patterns as wrong or…

  • “not very accurate!?”
  • “this things a piece a junk!!”
  • … because the markets do not operate independently of reality and what occurs every second in this world. Well, while this particular event obviously lies outside of the mean – market reaction to it will not be an anomaly. Markets react to lesser, real time fundamental events constantly.

    That same terrorist Jihadist event will have no impact on what is needed to beat a particular video game, either the next day or 10 years from now. Why? Because the video game code, and thus what is required to win, is static and exists in a vacuum.

    Similarly, a commercially available Metatrader EA that was created and optimized in reverse sometime prior to now – is senseless anytime after now.

    ‘Senseless’ in the sense of anyone intending to rely solely or mostly on it for longer term account growth and longer term account health.

    Commercial MT4 EA/Robot Failure Rates = 99.827%

    So we then loop back to the same repeating, underlying question to help us figure out and understand why the long term failure rates for all commercially available MT4 EA/Robots over the past 10 years has been a perplexing 99.827%:

    “If ‘Fundamental Actions + Fundamental Events’ are part of the mathematical equation that causes price to move up or down or sideways [.....]

    how could we then mathematically expect to rely 100% on exact ‘Technical Levels’ or exact 5N+ Percentages to reproduce net gains at will long term?”

       -  Dynamic Financial Markets are Not Static Video Games


    Yes of course we can rely somewhat on the predictability of repeating market behaviors to help guide our many decisions.

    This is what a tool like 5NITRO+ is designed to help us do. To help us make decisions based on logic and probabilities.

    Logic and probabilities rooted in past market behaviors and patterns. Logic and probabilities using support & resistance levels and the relation to of current price. Logic and probabilities alerting us of rapid/continuing high rates of change in strengths and momentum. Largely, inertia.

    But the key words here are ‘help guide’.

    The job of 5NITRO+ is to provide information in an efficient and superior manner. To present this glut of data as an aggregate. Quickly. Simply.

    It is up to the User to implement this information in a way that results in profitable trading.

    While NITRO+ and ClearChart were large influences in the trading decisions that resulted in the FxPro trade results page, the #1 guide was my own brain and Entry + Take Profit Management technique. Trading success always is ultimately decided by these two things.


    Over 5000+ Trades Across ALL Timeframes

    Past Results Not Indicative of Future Results.  Please Read Full Risk Disclosure.
    Bottomline Metatrader Account Summary of Nitro+ Probability Indicator Testing

    Over 5000+ Trades Across ALL Time frames

    Nearly 4000 Wins

    75.85% Long Wins

    77.11% Short Wins

    76.56% Total Win Percentage

    201% Profit Factor

    30.67 Expected Payoff

    5.68% Max Drawdown

    Maximum Consecutive Wins = 376

    Consecutive Profit = 43 145.04

    Average Consecutive Wins = 23

    Average Profit per Win = 79.79

    Largest Profit per Win = 2 732.40

    Total Net Profit = 158 582.65

    Total Unrealized Gains = 6 120.05

    Beta Testing Purposes, Not Promotion

    There were numerous open positions at the time of this snapshot when testing was fully completed. The total net equity of these open positions were in-the-money $6,000.00+. Because those positions were yet to be closed, the positive equity and win-loss ratio of these are not included in the bottom line. In hindsight, these positions should have been closed to clean up the results before uploading.

    In other words, trading was done for testing purposes. Trading was not done to create a pretty looking parabolic equity curve for scam marketing purposes. Similar to what we have all seen on the Fap Turbo and MegaDroid ClickBank sale pages. Actually, nearly every Forex software sales page I have stumbled upon throughout this past decade contains some form of this scam marketing.

    We all know that those ClickBank equity curves are produced by optimizing all parameters and subsequently trades placed in reverse. The algorithm is fine tuned for a specific period of time that produced the best results. In addition, often the results are only populated with less than 100 trades total.

    In addition, many of the Fap Turbo like sales pages will have a link to ongoing and open trading account stats. Wow, these transaction results and the equity curve always look great huh? They have their EA running on 20-30 accounts at once with slightly different settings and initiated at different times within a trading cycle, such as before NFP or right after. Also, these different accounts will all have a different selection of 4-7 pairs it is trading.

    Now What?  You Guessed It.

    So now, the links on the Fap Megadroid Pip Miner Blaster sales pages that go to the account statements are periodically changed to whichever account is performing best at any given time. Or simply, whichever account of the 20-30 that has the furthest head start at the time of product introduction is chosen and linked to.


    These NITRO+ statistics are not perfect. The trading is not perfect. It does not matter however. The end result is perfect enough. Accepting that our trading and decisions will never be perfect – is an important step to becoming successful long term. 

    On a side note, a familiar reminder from the analysis of these 5000+ trades is [...] be careful with SEK Pairs and Crosses. Avoiding SEK Pairs, in particular GBPSEK, has become a rule of mine through many cruel lessons throughout the years. What appear to beautiful setups are constantly luring me in.

    What may appear as sizable draw down at certain intervals creating a ‘stair-stepping’ pattern in the equity curve in the screenshot above and at the bottom of the FxPro stats below, is merely the result of closing out, cutting losses, or reversing large quantities of positions that were out-of-the-money – all at once when time permitted.

    Most of these instances were on the longer hold time positions guided by NITRO+ on the 4H, DAILY, Weekly. These positions were not obsessively monitored on a daily basis intraday like the lesser time frames were. Open positions were managed and new trades taken on these higher time frames at periodic intervals all at once when time permitted.

    Losers as Future Hedging Tool

    Often times on the higher time frames with my Position Trading, I will maintain certain losing positions as a remedial Hedge. With Position Trading and thus holding positions overnight and sometimes as long as 3 to 9 months, upcoming news or economic releases can pose risk while we are asleep. I will often choose to retain huge and obvious Losers for use as an immediate or ongoing Hedging Tool, rather than undergo the spread and or commission cost of closing out and re establishing.

    Using Non Farm Payroll as an Example

    I made the switch to Forex from Equities in the early 2000s when the ‘Pattern Day Trader’ rule went into effect. Prop Trading leverage was reduced from 10:1 down to 4:1 in the United States. I, like most Retail Forex Traders at the time and still today, traded only intraday from a 5M chart. I would sit with my finger pressed down on the left mouse button prior to NFP or other majors. Anxiety poured out of me. I was rarely able to get adequate sleep the night before. It was like my Super Bowl, every first Friday of the month. Vacations were planned around it.

    Granted, in the early days of Retail FX, there were huge opportunities to Arbitrage slow or ‘freeze’ quoting by brokers especially in the milliseconds following theses announcements. Metatrader and Proprietary Platforms were archaic and lacking adequate Arbitrage protection for the brokers or even contingent logic for low bandwidth users trading through 56K modems. Add to it the beloved ‘Instant, Guaranteed Execution!’ and ‘Fixed Spreads Even During Volatility!’ marketing by the brokers – there were always huge profit potentials within those moments… for us and the Bucket Shops.

    I can recall trades of 110 EURUSD pip gains within 30-40 seconds simply because Re*co F*CM was too slow in updating their quotes by about 3.5 seconds. In reality what they were doing was establishing their own positions during those 4 seconds of price freeze, assuming most of their clients were not viewing a secondary price feed from a different broker. Because most clients were unsuspecting and not aware of the concept of brokers trading against them, it was the Bucket Shop brokers profiting $millions through this tactic. Their risk of a client catching on to their shenanigans and thus using a quicker price feed was easily combated with their weapon of “Manual Execution Penalty”. Needless to say, we were eventually forced into “Manual Execution”**

    **Although legal action was briefly contemplated, my actions clearly fell under Platform Manipulation in the Terms of Use Agreement. In hind sight years later, our attorney should have recognized Re*co F*CM was also engaging in Platform Manipulation via Price Feed Manipulation and pursued a class action suit on behalf of all clients. The transaction details used by them to prove my manipulation was the exact data necessary to prove their manipulation and intent to profit from.

    Back to the point

    News volatility was at least 3X what it is now almost always in one direction. Intentional head-fakes by the MMs were seldom. Head-fakes only existed as a byproduct of 2 or 3 part announcements containing revisions. Market Makers in these instances were genuinely confused by contradicting data, and not just head-faking to destroy buy / sell stops like is almost always done today. Even up until about 2006, News Traders were still able to simply put on Straddles prior to NFP about 7-10 pips above and below. Those good ol’ days are long gone however. Although difficult for me at the time to adapt to no more free lunch following Manual Execution Penalty, it was actually a blessing and the moment I began to open my eyes to higher time frames.

    Nowadays, I am usually somewhat hedged prior to economic releases by retaining those losing positions mentioned further above solely for this purpose of not being played by MMs. Maintaining this balanced approach not only dramatically reduces spread overhead costs due to reduced transaction redundancy, it also has improved my decision making 10X. Obviously discretion is used along with the overhead of continued loss cost until economic release. With that noted, remaining somewhat balanced + hedged going into events such as NFP brings clarity to thought and decision making. This clarity is ultimately harder to calculate, in terms of cost benefit analysis, to that of continuing to retain losing positions.

    Keeping Track of Exposure*

    Because I trade just about every Currency Pair, Commodity, Equity CFD, Equity Index CFD, made available from multiple Brokers, my Currency Exposure Calculator helps with these ongoing decisions. I use it primarily, in addition to upcoming news events, to view my Risk On / Risk Off ratio. Maintaining a somewhat balanced ratio of no greater than 70% in either Risk On or Risk Off direction helps me to sleep at night. The fear of a Tsunami overnight, a “Flash Crash”, or even Nov – Dec 2008 price action is not a concern on my radar.

    Although this type of overall Underlying Currency Exposure calculation is not directly available through your MT4 Terminal, it is indirectly available with some Brokers either through their Non-Metatrader Proprietary Trading Platform or in your Account Statistics when logged into their website. Depending of Calculator features, you may need to apply a coefficient to some pairs to make up for lack of entries, such as Commodities.

    *Metaquotes finally gave us ‘Exposure’ functionality within the bottom Terminal inside our Metatrader platforms. Click the ‘Exposure’ tab. This began somewhere around Build 711. It was broke at first, but keeps being improved to the point it seems almost correct.

    Pairs and Method

    Almost all pairs and symbols in the Market Watch Window offered by FxPro were attempted to be traded at least once (meaning at least 10-20 Mini lots of each) regardless of the spread. This testing was attempted on as many time frames as possible to confirm the reliability of Nitro+ across a full spectrum of price action scenarios and various situations.

    These various situations would include instances, for example, of price not being on the preferred side of the 150SMMA, or 200SMMA, or the 200EMA. Another situation that was highlighted by doing this was, for example, ClearChart Heiken Ashi not agreeing in trend direction with Nitro+ at time of entry (inherently, by default).

    This was driven ultimately for the desire of a huge sample size of successful trades across the full gamut of pairs and time frames with Nitro+ taking the lead and being the #1 reason for entering a trade initially.

    Adding-to positions, re-entry after initial Take Profits were already cleared, closing out and reversing positions, and cutting losses by closing out positions entirely – were almost always done with the assistance of additional information from ClearChart 2 Heiken Ashi Smoothed (HAS) and the 200SMMA.

    Although throughout my daily trade actions + throughout this site that same 200SMMA always tends to play a key role; this is not necessarily an indication that it is somehow “special”. It has just always been my preferred choice as it allows a quick, and definitive guide of where we are at the moment. It provides price action perspective and History relativity.

    The 200SMMA is fairly equivalent to about the 500SMA or EMA. But as I deal quite frequently with higher time frame periodicities, with many obscure and low volume CFDs and varied-month Commodity and Equity Index Futures, and with a wide range of Brokers who all posses a wide range of Tick + Price Data History – the 200SMMA becomes a logistical choice. About 97% of all symbols from all brokers contain at least 200 bars worth of history. That percentage decreases greatly when 500 bars are required.


    Click picture below to view full account stats on a separate, dedicated page if your browser does not support iFrames

    This page is heavy and contains a large file. Your browser may lock up momentarily due to the shock similar to viewing stats on or Relax, your browser will fix itself upon load.

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